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Freedom to your business

The Business Process Offshore Outsourcing (BPOO) and Information Technology (IT) services are viewed as a growing business around the world.  This often related to the process of sub-contracting business functions to an another own entity or contracting a foreign organisation to do the work. Over the years, business and IT outsourcing has brought significant changes in the field of business […]

Running your marathon – Evaluation

Small businesses are the lifeblood of any nations economy. The entrepreneurial spirit that drives people to create and grow new businesses has been an essential part of growth of an individual as well as a nation. Owning a business may be a personal dream for many. Nevertheless, managing a business may prove difficult to those who have lack […]

Starting up a business – The concept

You like to start your own business and that is excellent!. You have now come up with a business idea. In reality, now the idea on your mind requires certain information to be gathered before determining the feasibility to move forward. Therefore, a careful research and analysis will always help in evaluating the concept and assist […]